Thursday, December 10, 2015

Happy Holidays! We're Off to the Printer!

Hello, Everyone!

How did three months fly by just like that???

First of all, Happy Holidays from all of us here at Mama, Mama!  It's the season for scarves and (extra) good cheer. Stay warm and enjoy your time with friends and family.

After so much back and forth with Andrew, mainly over the page count and the title page, the file was finally sent off to the printer.  Which means things are set. I'm very relieved... but also freaked out!!!  What if there's a typo, or two, that we somehow missed?  What if, what if... Ugh!

Not much to report, really, except to say that the last few months we spent wrangling over the details have been trying.  We were so wrong to think, back in September, that we were "almost" done.  Ha! Little did I know that it would take a couple more months to clean up the files and get them ready for the printer. Just understanding the page count concept alone took me forever. Also, it seemed there was always one more typo to be found after every "final" draft that we did. We had many "final" files. 

And on this note, we want to say thanks to Tom McCarthy, Mike's law journal advisor at Hastings and my colleague from my Jossey Bass days, for doing one "final" proof editing round to "keep us out of trouble". 

While we wait for word from the printer, we're going to start looking into the Kickstarter prizes.  We know it's a bit late- thanks for the patience!

Thanks for checking in!